3 Best Launchers For Android

Launchers – The Reason Why Android Is Awesome

One of the good features about Android is its capability to be fully customized by the user so it fits him and his needs.

Every time I am asked about Android’s advantage compared to the other mobile OS, I illustrate my answer with this example: If you take two smartphones of the same brand and model they will likely be different. Different icons, backgrounds, transition effect, and applications order.

You can change Android to the details to make it look like you! One way to do that is to change your launcher.

Launchers are applications you can download on the Play Store, they will change your phone’s appearance. There’s a lot of them on the Play Store but I don’t suggest you go download one of them randomly. Some of them contain ads, some take so much space and memory so your phone becomes slower.

To help you decide which one to choose, I made this post about the best Android launchers that are worth it.

Best Android Launchers

Nova Launcher

nova launcher

A lot of people see this one as the best launcher on Google Play Store. One of the reasons for its success is that it’s always updated and that it has never been abandoned by its developer.

Another reason is the lack of ads in the application or the fact that it doesn’t try to install other applications without your consent.

Action Launcher 3

action launcher

The Action Launcher is the ideal launcher if you’re looking for unique features. The search bar and menus have their colors changed according to your background image. The “Shutters” allow you to visualize a widget by swiping to the tip using a simple icon. “Quick Pages” allows you to create folders for widgets and “Covers” allow you to transform an application’s icon to a folder’s cover.

Action Launcher is packed with a lot of little features like those.

Apex Launcher

apex launcher

Apex and Nova were released almost the same time and had almost the same level of customization. With time, these applications evolved differently but still based on the same idea: A simple base and almost an unlimited number of customizations that you can explore.

Those were the best 3 android launchers for a lot of people.

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