5 Reasons The Doogee X5S Is An Useless Phone

Who doesn’t know Doogee, the smartphone brand based in Shenzhen that was created in 2013.

They have released more than 10 smartphones and today, I am going to review one of them who is, according to me an awful smartphone.

5 Good Reasons You’d Better Not Buy The Doogee X5S

1. The first bad thing about it is the OS. It’s based on Android 5.1 but it’s awfully customized. It’s ugly.

2. The phone becomes slow more often than not. If you use the Facebook App, it will slow down. If you use the Youtube App it will slow down. Sometimes it slows down while you’re on a phone call and you will find it hard to hang up!

3. There’s a bug that sometimes happens to the screen. It will become white than usual and you will find it hard to navigate. There’s also another bug that will show you some parts of an application even if you have left it or closed it.

4. Most of the time, you have to scream when you’re on a phone call so that people can hear you. Its microphone is pure garbage, nothing more to say about that.

5. The battery is bad compared to the current phones like the Vernee Mix 2, The Maze Comet and so on…

My Last Word: This is not a phone, this is a calculator.

doogee calculator


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