Beelink GT1 Ultimate Coupon On Gearbest

Today I am going to give you a way to get the Beelink GT1 Ultimate for a low price.

First, let’s see the specs and features of this TV Box.

Beelink GT1 Ultimate Coupon

Beelink GT1 Ultimate Pros

1. The first good thing about this TV Box is the CPU Amlogic S912 which is an octa-core that can provide you with smooth responses and high-speed feedback while using the TV Box.

2. The RAM is 3GB and it’s enough to use it as a TV Box.

3. It comes with Android 7.1, it is better than the previous one as you will be able to install and uninstall applications and games easily

4. The Internal Memory is 32GB. You can extend it up to 64GB using an SD-Card. It should be FAR enough for a TV Box. You shouldn’t need more space than this.

5. It has the 1000M Lan, it means that if you use the Lan you will see the net speed and performance improved.

6. It is small enough so it doesn’t take much space on your desk or room.

Beelink GT1 Ultimate Coupon

For this TV Box, there’s no code to enter so you just have to visit the product page. It’s on a Flash Sale on Gearbest and I hope you get it by the time because Flash Sales are always limited by a number of orders (first come first served).

Click below to discover the good price.

Get It For A Good Price

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