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Best custom rom s5360

best custom rom galaxy young

Some people will say that the Galaxy Young (GT-S5360) is an outdated smartphone and that it isn’t smart anymore, lol.

It is half true but the only problem that the Galaxy Y has is the Internal Storage. It can only accept 180MB worth of data and that’s the only setback that makes it less smart.

I currently have a GT-S5369 (which is the Galaxy Young but sold to carriers) and I have installed my first custom ROM for it and it’s…absolutely AWESOME!.

You can Check The Rom And Download It Here

My Young was so sluggish and slow even when I was just trying to make calls but with this ROM, I was able to use it as a real phone.

I tried 3G and it worked, there’s also a cool Flashlight (your phone will have maximum brightness and your screen will become white so that you can use it as a Flashlight).

Wifi tethering also works fine.

I tried Google Play to install applications but it didn’t work because of low internal storage. I think it can be fixed if you put your applications on an SD-Card.

Remember, this ROM is based on 2.3.6

Try it and see if you like it, it may revive your Galaxy Y.

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