Best WordPress Hosting In 2019

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It goes without saying that WordPress is the most used CMS on the internet.

WordPress has a lot of features that make it easier to start a blog, an e-commerce business or even a membership website to sell your courses and on-board students!

This site is an example among many, we’re running on WordPress 5.2!

As for every website, you must have a hosting plan and a domain name to start and maintain it. Let’s explore together the best WordPress Hosting Providers.

There are many factors to consider when going with a hosting provider, mainly support and features before looking at the price.

WPNoise – Managed WordPress Hosting

They have great plans that come with 20GB SSD Storage and Unlimited bandwidth (they can handle an unlimited number of visits per month so your plan doesn’t end before its expiry date).

They also offer premium plugins as a bonus, their cheapest offer costs $360/year and comes with SEOPress, WPRocket and iThemes Security Pro.

HTTPS is available without any extra fees. And I believe that they also maintain your WordPress updated along with its plugins.

Great thing I like about them is their renewal prices are the same. If you don’t know it, most companies in the hosting industry give you a low price in the first year and the second is almost the double or more.

Good thing that can work in your favor, they don’t host everyone. They don’t host video streaming websites so they don’t slow down servers for other clients.

In short, this is more of a service packed with Hosting & Maintenance at the same time, it will cost around more than $120/month to have these features bought from seperate service providers.

Check their plans here.

BlueHost – Simple Hosting For All

They have simple plans and almost the same technical specifications as WPNoise. They come with unlimited bandwidth and HTTPS included.

They don’t update your plugins or WordPress though, you will have to do it everytime on your own and I don’t think they do offer 3 premium plugins for free.

I believe their plans are great for starting out, when the website receives traffic spikes I don’t think it can be handled since they host all type of websites.

Check their plans here.

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