Pros And Cons Of BlackBerry keyONE 4G Review (Explained)

BlackBerry keyONE is an Android-based smartphone. It has a nice physical keyboard in an age where only a touchscreen is the standard. It’s packed with secure and smart software that should give you some piece of mind about your data and privacy.

Let’s Dive Into Our BlackBerry keyONE Review

Reasons To Buy The BlackBerry keyONE Review (Pros And Advantages):

1. The first thing to notice on the BlackBerry keyONE is the design. It has a touchscreen but also a physical keyboard. This type of design allows you to stay connected and productive. This kind of design has a unique prestige that makes you feel like a boss. Judge by yourself in the picture below:

Blackberry keyONE design

2. The processor is a Snapdragon 625 Octa Core 2.0GHz. It’s strong enough for multi-tasking and heavy applications. It’s great for working with tools and the Google Suite, OpenOffice.

3. The RAM is 4GB making the phone smooth. The internal memory is 64GB so it can hold many videos and documents, great for work. You can also extend the storage using an SD-Card up to 2TB (that is 2000GB! It’s insane because it’s more storage than most computers!).

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4. The GPU is an Adreno 506. You can play high graphics games and use high graphics applications without drops in frames and performance. It’s better than the other generations in playing games and watching videos.

Blackberry keyone

5. The rear camera is 12MP with Auto Focus. The front camera is 8MP.

6. The BlackBerry keyONE comes with these sensors: Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor, Gyroscope, Hall Sensor, Proximity Sensor.

7. The Android Version is 7.1 based on Nougat. It’s very good for these latest smartphones.

Reasons Not To Buy The BlackBerry keyONE Review (Cons And Issues):

1. The first shortcoming of this smartphone is that it’s only single sim. So you will only be able to use one sim card.

2. You will have to install Google Services and Google Play on your own. It can be done easily using a tutorial on the Internet.

My Verdict: This smartphone has very good specs and since it’s a BlackBerry, it comes with an unusual prestige that you can’t find elsewhere. If you like BlackBerry products like I do, BUY IT!

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