June 25, 2022
clear cookies android

How to clear cookies Android

What are the functions of cookies?

Cookies, also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies, are small text files that are stored in the browser directory.Thus knowing how to how to clear cookies android.

The creation of computer cookies is not limited to websites that the user is currently browsing, but also by other websites that run advertisements, widgets, or other elements on the page that is currently being loaded.

These cookies control the appearance of advertisements as well as the functionality of widgets and other elements on the page.

It is critical to properly maintain your computer system, no matter how you use it or what type of computer you have. Unneeded files, such as cookies and temporary Internet files, are deleted as part of routine system maintenance. Getting rid of these unused files has a number of advantages, including improved system performance, increased security, and, of course, more available hard drive space.

We have compiled everything you need to know about how to clear cache and cookies on android here.


Clear cookies Android Benefits

There are several benefits to clear cookies android:


Clear cookies Android Benefit #1

Performance that is more rapid

Despite the fact that cookie files are small, they can accumulate and cause your system to perform poorly. Excessive cookie accumulation can cause the system to become clogged with unnecessary files, causing it to run more slowly than it should. Take the time to clean up your computer’s cookies and temporary Internet files to improve the speed and performance of your web browsing software.


Clear cookies Android Benefit #2

More Disk Space is available

The ability to store data on a computer’s hard drive is a critical consideration for computer users, and deleting cookies on a regular basis will free up space on your hard drive.This is due to the fact that the operating system will use hard drive space to simulate physical memory, and if there is insufficient space on the hard drive, the computer’s performance will suffer. Cleaning up your computer’s hard drive space by deleting cookies can improve the overall performance of your computer.


Clear cookies Android Benefit #3

Security has been increased.

While many cookies are harmless, others can be used to track your every move on the Internet. Many computer users consider these tracking cookies to be an invasion of their privacy, despite the fact that many businesses use them to study consumer behaviour. These tracking attempts can be foiled and the risk of a security breach reduced by configuring your web browser to delete cookies when you close your browser.


What happens when you clear cookies Android?

You can protect your privacy by clearing your browser history, cache, and cookies, especially if you share your computer with others. The websites you visit will no longer be visible to them in a quick search. Cache and history removal can help you free up some space on your computer or mobile device, particularly if you have a large number of images or even videos stored in your cache.


What is the purpose to clear cookies Android?

In most cases, when you visit a website, your web browser saves a great deal of information about your visit. In the form of cache and history, the web browser saves some information on your behalf. Cookies are small text files that websites use to store information on your computer. All web browsers provide you with the ability to delete these files at any time by accessing the browser’s tools or settings menu. Before you proceed, it is important that you understand what these files are used for.


Clear cookies android and Cache

In some cases, if you clear cookies Android it can improve the performance of a website when you visit it, especially if the cookie is faulty. While it is possible that it will have an impact on your surfing experience, this is not usually significant. It is likely that if you have an account on a website, you will be required to enter your user name and password again. If you were about to make a purchase on a website, it’s possible that your shopping cart was empty. It’s possible that the advertisements you see on the internet no longer reflect your interests or preferences. Expect to gain only a small amount of storage on your computer. Cookies are typically very small, ranging in size from a few dozen to a few thousand bytes – roughly the same size as any small text file.

When you clear cookies on Android, you will be able to rest easy knowing that websites and their advertisers will no longer have information about you stored on your computer.


Clear cache and cookies android

How to clear cookies on Android

Here’s how to clear the cookies that have been saved in your Android smartphone’s web browser:


Clear cookies chrome android

How to clear cookies on android

To clear cookies chrome android:

Launch the Chrome browser app on your Android smartphone and select the three-dot menu from the top-right corner.

clear cookies android

To access the settings, select it from the menu.

Scroll down to the Advanced section, where you can turn on privacy protection.

Scroll and clear browsing data section.

Choose the time period for which you want to delete your cookies and select the checkbox next to Cookies and site data from the drop-down menu that appears.

Now, select the option to Clear Data.



How to clear cookies on Android Firefox?

Launch the Firefox browser app on your Android smartphone and select the menu from right corner.


To access the settings, select it from the drop-down menu.

To delete browsing data, select Delete browsing data.

Mark the boxes next to the data you want to delete (we choose browsing history, cookies, and cached images) and then tap on the Delete browsing data button.

Now, click on the DELETE button to confirm your deletion action.

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