Firefox Quantum Released!

A faster Firefox finally – Firefox Quantum

firefox quantum released

If you’ve never heard about Firefox Quantum, it’s a project of Mozilla to bring the fastest browser to their users.

The Developer Edition was released many weeks ago but today the official build for public users is available to download!

Tests have shown that Firefox Quantum is faster than Google Chrome on Windows and Linux; however, Chrome is faster on MAC OS.

I suggest you download it and try it all by yourself. It’s obviously for Free and it has a new beautiful design.

Download It Here

Tell me in the comments if you liked it! I am going to check it all by myself and install it on my smartphone first.


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2 thoughts on “Firefox Quantum Released!

    Eva Davis

    (November 16, 2017 - 18:21)

    Technology makes life faster. Here we can see that our technology can helps us in many ways. The developers make many things to improve the technology. Search Bar Firefox 57 Quantum addon is a new invention to make search bar perfect.

    Austin Parker

    (May 11, 2018 - 10:12)

    Very nicely written blog with informative insights.. Keep up the good work.

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