8 Reasons The OnePlus 5T 8GB Is A Very Good Deal (Review In Details)

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The OnePlus 5 was satisfying enough during our review but this time OnePlus is very determined to dominate the Chinese Smartphone Market. The OnePlus 5T is crushing as it is extremely fast. It has Face Unlocking and much other stuff that we’re going to see in this review.

Let’s be honest from the beginning, OnePlus has always satisfied its customers with their smartphones. Their devices sold like delicious pancakes for some models. Plus, they’re my favorite along with Xiaomi that I think they lead the Chinese smartphone market.

Anyway, I am going to review the OnePlus 5T 8GB (There’s another version that has 6GB RAM but I am reviewing the 8GB version).

So let’s jump right in.

8 Things That Makes The OnePlus 5T The Perfect Deal To Seize

1. First things first, the display and the appearance of the phone makes it…cute and great to hold. It has a very good OLED Screen that is classified as Full HD+ (2160 x 1080). It’s extremely pleasant to watch Netflix or Youtube on it. Luckily, it has the Gorilla Corning Glass Protection 5. The screen has a Ratio of 18:9, this is amazing for a phone being sold at this price.

oneplus 5t design

2. OnePlus did really well on the processor this time. The CPU is surprisingly a…Snapdragon 835 with a frequency of 2.45GHz!

It makes it extremely fast, I have to admit, you have to forget about the slowness with this phone as its processor is among the best in the world (as the processor is not made by OnePlus but from a very known brand called Qualcomm).

3. The RAM is obviously 8GB and the Internal Storage is an awesome 128GB. This phone can handle 3D and graphic-intensive games and applications. You can play PUBG Mobile on it if you want.

4. The OnePlus 5T 8GB comes with three cameras. Two on the back (20MP + 16MP) and one of the front (16MP), I got say that it makes good photos compared to other Chinese smartphones being sold at its price tag. The back cameras are optimized for low lighting so you can take your shots no matter the environment or setup of your scene. We can say that it a big improvement on what we saw on the OnePlus 5 Review.

5. The battery capacity is 3300mAH could last you more than 24 hours depending on your use. There is Dash Charge Technology that will charge your phone from 0% to 60% in just 31 minutes.

oneplus 5t dash charge

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6. The OnePlus 5T also comes with really awesome features such as Face Unlock Feature and it works perfectly.

7. The phone has sensors: Fingerprint scanner, Hall, Accelerometer, G-sensor, Electronic Compass, Gyroscope, Proximity, Ambient Light Sensor, RGB, Sensor Hub.

8. The design is…gorgeous! You will really like holding it because the front is made of glass and both back and frame are from Aluminium. It makes it extremely great to hold.

Things That Disappointed Me On The OnePlus 5T

1- The first thing that you have to know, you can’t extend the storage of this phone. It doesn’t have an SD-Card slot so you have to stick with the 128GB space you have. I think this is not really an issue for a user like me, I download videos and movies along with podcasts and still be able to have space left for games and applications.

2. Some people consider the cameras as average. Because they’re 20MP and 16MP, people expect them to achieve similar or better results than Samsung’s and Sony’s smartphones. I personally think that the cameras are satisfying enough if you don’t want to be the next Steve McCurry.

3. It is not water-resistant. I would have expected to be regarding the price but…it is not. Don’t get it too wet and don’t drop it on water if you want it to survive.

4. The Fingerprint Scanner is in the back, I would have expected it to be on the front but it isn’t 🙁

My Verdict On The OnePlus 5T Review

This phone is absolutely worth it, it was designed and made perfectly by OnePlus. For me, this phone is a very good deal that you don’t want to miss if you’re looking for a quality Chinese smartphone at this price. There’s a better place to find it cheaper than on Amazon.

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