Some Tips And A Software To Reduce Eye Fatigue

Want to reduce eye fatigue because you feel like your eyes are burning and tired? I know what you’re feeling.

Nowadays, it’s a common situation and rarely the symptom of a serious health issue.

The Main Cause – Computer Eye Strain

The main cause of these symptoms is mostly computers and screens. We glare at our screens every single day, for some of us, it’s part of our lives and even jobs.

Some people will tell you to use computer glasses but I am not sure they work or if they’re even useful.

You could be hurting your little Iris every time you’re in front of a white screen. I stare a lot at my computer, more than 3 hours per day and I decided to write this article to help people like me to reduce their eye fatigue. My left eye got tired that my eyelashes started to move intentionally.

Hopefully, in this article, I’ll give you some tips and a final bonus. So grab a coffee or some tea and let’s jump right in!

How To Protect Eyes From Computer Screen And Reduce Eye Fatigue

Use Proper Lighting:

The first advice I am going to give you is this: Never stare at a computer screen while you’re in dark room.

This is very bad for your eye. When I am using my computer in the morning, I make sure there’s enough sunlight coming to my room. If it’s not, I open my room’s window or reach the interrupter to light my room.

When I am working or using the computer in the night, I always use the light. Always.

Just be sure to have the light coming in the screen’s side rather than behind or in front of the screen. Avoid staying on bright lighting in your room just some small light will do enough.

Control Your Use Of Smartphone

Smartphones are an obvious enemy when it comes to eye strain. They’re small and cute and it just makes you feel like you want to use it inside your couch. That’s bad for your eyes.

They emit blue light which is according to some researchers, bad for the eyes. Studies on animals have shown that prolonged use of blue light can damage the Retina’s tissues.

Mobile users should abide by the “20-20-20” rule which is taking a break every 20min and look at an object 20 feet away for no less than 20 seconds. This small action will relieve digital eye fatigue which can lead to blurred vision or irritated eyes.

Get A Better Display

If you’re using those old office screens that are bigger than a microwave, throw it away right now.

The LCD screens are way better when it comes to your eyes’ health. They can damage your eye with extended use but they’re less dangerous than the old ones. They’re called old for a reason.

Blink More Than Often

Blinking is not only good for relationships, I assure you. Blinking helps your eyes to avoid irritation and dryness.

Most people blink less than often while using a computer but they should the opposite. This is very bad especially in summer when the air is drier.

Do Some Eyes Exercises

Focusing too much on a screen is not good for the eyes.

One good exercise to try: Stare far away at something for 10 to 15 seconds. Then look at something more closer to you for another 10 to 15 seconds. Look at the distant object again. Repeat this 10 times and blink frequently while doing it.

Your Whole Body Should Take A Break

Even if the most related computer related health problems are about the eyes, it doesn’t mean that your body hasn’t a share of the relief.

Take breaks everytime you use your computer or device, walk around, get some water, take a deep breath outside and talk to people. Your body can only thank you for it later.

Bonus: A Free Software To Change Your Screen’s Brightness And Color To Go More Easy On The Eyes

I don’t know if you heard about it but there’s a software called Iris that helps you change your screen’s color and brightness to prevent and reduce eye strain and improve sleep. You can get it here.

It has many modes to choose from and is available on all platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

iris reduce eye fatigue

I am writing this article while currently using it on Health mode. Using the software while applying the tips I gave you above should help you get rid of eye problems 😉


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