January 17, 2022
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

SmartWatch For Android – Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is every bit as pleasant as it appears.

With an attractive bezel while fidgeting is enjoyable, it is preferable to have life-saving features such as an FDA-approved ECG sensor and trip detection. When you combine SpO2 & VO2 results with a diverse collection of faces and a slimmer design, Samsung’s next-generation wearable is a winner.

While there is no doubt that this is the best Android wristwatch currently available, this Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review compares the new competitor to the best smartwatches.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Price and availability

On August 6, 2020, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will be available for purchase. Those interested in purchasing the new smartwatch have a selection of sizes and styles to choose from.

Galaxy Watch 3 prices begin at $399 for the 41mm Mystic Silver or Mystic Bronze model.

The 45mm model is available in Mystic Black or Mystic Silver and is priced at $429. Titanium is also available but at a premium price.


Android Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review: Design

The bezel has reappeared. We discovered the physical bezel to be useful and enjoyable during our initial Samsung Galaxy Watch review. Spinning the dial worked seamlessly with both side buttons and was a superior alternative to swiping or attempting to insert our finger into the circular display.

Genuine leather Samsung galaxy watch 3 bands complement the case’s color and contribute to the its more refined design. However, the Samsung galaxy watch 3 bands(leather) are not resistant to sweat or water.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review: Display and watch faces

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s 360 x 360-pixel display is brilliant, bright enough to see in direct sunlight, and always-on, but that was not what piqued my interest.

I’ll admit that I’m concerned about the Apple Watch’s complexity. I’m compelled to combine five distinct faces in order to see everything I could possibly need during the day, and even then I wish there were more options.


Review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s performance

Although Samsung’s Tizen operating system is still a distant second to Apple’s watchOS, it represents a significant improvement over Google’s finicky Wear OS. Not only are the Samsung watch 3’s various menus highly customizable and brimming with useful apps, but they also appear to respond quickly when launched and switched between.

The bezel makes navigation simple, and I relied on it in conjunction with the dual buttons to get where I needed to go. On the other hand, I was unimpressed by the motion gestures. I felt a little silly when I finally got them to work.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review:  Features

It detects 40 different activities, seven of which are automatically tracked, so you won’t always have to select the type of exercise you’re going to perform in advance. This was necessary when my vivacious 85-pound black lab refused to stop during one of our routine town walks.

The built-in GPS on the Samsung watch 3 accurately tracked my daily route (approximately 1.2 miles, depending on how many times the dog wants to go in circles). I had a similar experience while cycling and running with it, the latter aided by on-demand VO2 Max readings. I did not generate any warnings because I am not an endurance runner, but I’m sure more serious runners will appreciate this feature during training.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Sleep tracking

While sleeping, the Galaxy Watch 3 takes advantage of Samsung’s collaboration with the National Sleep Institute to provide insight into the REM cycle, as well as a morning report on sleep quality and recommendations for improving sleep.

The SpO2 sensor, or pulse oximeter, on the Galaxy Watch 3 provides some of these insights. An SpO2 sensor can detect irregular breathing patterns during sleep, which is a common symptom of sleep apnea. While I have no trouble sleeping, someone who does may benefit from the Watch 3’s ability to teach them how to alter their sleep cycle.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review: Applications and storage

While Tizen OS offers a smaller selection of third-party apps than the native Apple App Store, it does include popular apps such as Uber and Spotify.

Additionally, you can save songs for offline playback using the Android Galaxy Watch 3’s 8GB of audio storage and a Spotify Premium subscription. Due to the lack of an LTE model, I’m looking forward to being able to access a few of my playlists when I leave my phone at home for bike rides. This is a feature I’ve already depleted nearly half of the storage on my Galaxy Watch 3 with a couple of my favorite playlists, so I’ll have to exercise caution when unloading music that I’m no longer using.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Android Performance Of Battery


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


The Galaxy Watch 3’s  battery is rated to last two days. This is reasonable in the context of smartwatches (the Apple Watch 5’s battery life is only 18 hours) and likely contributes to the slimmer design.

The battery life of the Galaxy Watch 3 is consistent with Samsung’s projections. It lasted approximately two days after two days of hour-long exercises and sleep tracking. When I enabled the always-on display setting, however, the second cycle battery life decreased to 24 hours.


Android Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review

Nowadays, there are a plethora of stunning smartwatches and outstanding fitness trackers to choose from, and Samsung has achieved a nice balance between the two. It combined the best features of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 with a bezeled design that rivaled that of timepiece guru Fossil.

This convergence, however, comes at a price – the Galaxy Watch 3 is more expensive than previous Android Galaxy Watches and Wear OS Fossil options, and is geared toward leisure rather than fitness. If you’ve purchased an Android phone—specifically, a Samsung phone—and wish to wear it as an extension on your wrist wherever you go, nothing is more refined and powerful than the Galaxy Watch 3. Or, at the very least, anything that features an aesthetically pleasing spinning mechanism.



Is Samsung Galaxy watch compatible with pixel 3?

Yes,Samsung watches will charge via “Battery Share” on a Pixel 5. It works consistently each time we’ve tried it, though we can’t verify whether it achieves the same speeds as a Samsung phone.

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