January 17, 2022
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

SmartWatch For Android – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review

With Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Samsung dominates the design section by a wide margin. This is the wristwatch you’ll want to wear all day, even when you’re not exercising.

An even better alternative may be the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which incorporates all of the functions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 into a more lifestyle-centric design, complete with a tactile rotating bezel.

However, if you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, make careful to update it. It supports the Galaxy Watch 3’s advanced running stats, trip detection, and on-demand VO2 Max readings.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: Pricing

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 costs around $250 – $270, the highest price being for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm model.

Aqua Black, Cloud Silver, and Pink Gold are available in the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi variants, while black, gold and silver are available in the LTE devices.

MapMyRun integration is a focal point of an Under Armour special edition of the watch. It will cost $279 for the 40mm version and $299 for the 44mm version and will be available solely in black and with Bluetooth.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Design

The watch is available in two sizes, 40 millimeters and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm, similar to the Apple Watch Series 5. However, Samsung’s circular display (as opposed to Apple’s rounded square) suggests it is antique.

The whole look is sleek and sophisticated – I wouldn’t feel embarrassed to wear the Galaxy Watch Active 2 to a wedding or a fine dinner with a leather band.


Display Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2



While an always-on display is a defining feature of Apple’s new Series 5, it’s nothing new for Samsung. If you like, you can have an always-on display on the Galaxy Watch Active 2, or you can extend the battery life by turning off the display until you raise your wrist.

The digital spinning bezel is the most noticeable modification to the new watch’s display. Samsung’s previous smartwatches allowed users to manage the device by physically moving the bezels, however, Samsung eliminated this capability in the Galaxy Watch Active. The second-generation model incorporates a computerized representation of such navigational aid. You can slide your fingertip along the border of the display to page through the widgets to the right of the watch face or scroll down a page using this method. This is significantly faster than swiping or scrolling, but it may also be too sensitive and exceed the distance you intended to travel.


ECG app for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Android

Though it was unavailable for almost a year on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, the ECG monitor is now available to users. To begin taking ECG readings on Samsung Watch Active 2, be sure to update the software on your watch.


Fitness features on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Android

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active 2 now includes run coaching, which lets you choose from seven programs for increasing endurance or speed. I opted for the latter. The cues are both spoken and tactile – the watch’s speaker or a pair of Bluetooth headphones attached directly to the watch will vibrate when you need to accelerate or decelerate, for example.


Sleep tracking with the Android Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

As with the original Galaxy Watch Active, the Active 2 monitors your sleep, which does not deplete your battery fully. I wore the watch to bed for over a week and found the breakdown of light, REM, and deep sleep to be just as fascinating as it is on Fitbit’s sleep tracking dashboard.

Regrettably, the watch’s built-in sleep tracking was not as precise as I had planned. One night, the watch indicated that I fell asleep after 3 a.m., despite the fact that I had gone to bed closer to midnight. I have an uncanny ability to fall asleep fast and stay asleep, so I’m not sure why the watch recorded my bedtime as being so late.


Battery life on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

In my testing of the Bluetooth variant, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 lasted approximately two and a half days on a charge. This decreases to approximately 48 hours with exercises and to 24 hours with the always-on display turned on.


Android Apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung’s Tizen OS app store is not as robust as Apple’s, while Samsung is attempting to improve app functionality. The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch now supports Twitter, allowing you to tweet, like, and retweet directly from your wrist. Additionally, you can view YouTube clips. Regrettably, neither of these scenarios is great for a smartwatch. It’s pointless to watch YouTube on a small watch screen, and I’m not the type to feel driven to create tweets on my wrist (or scroll through Twitter on a smartwatch at all). There are some apps that are optimized for smartwatches — navigation, messaging, and fitness — yet Samsung chose to focus on two that aren’t.


Review of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 for Android

With longer battery life, functioning FDA-cleared health features, more big-name apps, and sleep tracking on a par with Fitbit, the Galaxy Watch lineup has the potential to make Apple sit up and take notice.

Samsung is still lagging behind, but the business is making an effort. If you’re in the market for an Android smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy active 2 watch is a worthwhile purchase.



Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 waterproof?

Wear your Galaxy Watch while doing dishes, showering, or in the rain. The watch is water-resistant to five atmospheres, or the amount of pressure you feel at a depth of 50 meters. Any activity involving water that does not exceed a depth of 50 meters is acceptable.


What phones are compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2?

A Samsung Galaxy Watch is compatible with any phone, not just Samsung’s. It works very well with Android devices.


Can the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 make phone calls?

Without being connected to a phone, the LTE version can receive and send calls and messages. However, you must first activate the service for your watch with the same carrier that you use for your phone.

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