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3 Best Launchers For Android

Launchers – The Reason Why Android Is Awesome One of the good features about Android is its capability to be fully customized by the user so it fits him and his needs. Every time I am asked about Android’s advantage compared to the other mobile OS, I illustrate my answer with this example: If you take […]

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Some Tips And A Software To Reduce Eye Fatigue

Want to reduce eye fatigue because you feel like your eyes are burning and tired? I know what you’re feeling. Nowadays, it’s a common situation and rarely the symptom of a serious health issue. The Main Cause – Computer Eye Strain The main cause of these symptoms is mostly computers and screens. We glare at […]

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What Is Android Studio

What Is Android Studio Instead of asking what is android studio, ask how applications are made on Android. In order to make an application or a game, the developer has to use some tools and a programming language. Tools tend to help developers save time and organize themselves. Android Studio is one of them, specifically […]

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Firefox Quantum Released!

A faster Firefox finally – Firefox Quantum If you’ve never heard about Firefox Quantum, it’s a project of Mozilla to bring the fastest browser to their users. The Developer Edition was released many weeks ago but today the official build for public users is available to download! Tests have shown that Firefox Quantum is faster […]

Custom ROMs Q&A

Everything you need to know about Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs are unofficial firmwares, often made by independent developers trying to get the most out of their Android devices. LineageOS (formerly CyanogenMod), Paranoid Android, ResurrectionRemix are few examples. These firmwares aren’t developed nor maintained by the manufacturer. But.. why? There are many reasons why someone would install a custom ROM: You can update your […]


GravityBox Xposed Module Now Supports Nougat

GravityBox for Nougat
GravityBox for Nougat

Days after the release of Xposed framework for Android Nougat, the number one module GravityBox is updated to support the new version.

What is GravityBox?

It’s a module that offers custom ROMs’ features on any device. In other words, it can tweak almost anything in the system. It gives users a lot of options to customize their devices (up to 100 options). Like many custom ROMs, you can modify many parts of the system such as the status bar, the notifications panel, navigation bar, pie, lockscreen, etc. But, that is in a very light and modular format. Which gives the user the ability to install or uninstall at any moment.

Download Link

To download it on your Android N device, head on over to the official repository.


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Make Android Apps Easily Plus Save Time

Make Android Apps Easily Plus Save Time Making Android Apps is quite time-consuming. You have to think about a lot of things: -Idea and concept of the application/game. -Ressources like images, characters, use-cases… -Coding and technology, how you’re going to code everything in a clean way so you can easily make updates. That’s a lot […]

Best Android Browser In Speed

Best Light And Stable Browser For Android Speed

Best Android Browser In Speed Today, you can find plenty of apps in the Play Store with the same features, but each one is kind of different when it comes to how much it memory it takes and consumes. When using your smartphone or tablet to browse, you have to worry about how much data […]