make android apps easily plus save time

Make Android Apps Easily Plus Save Time

Make Android Apps Easily Plus Save Time Making Android Apps is quite time-consuming. You have to think about a lot of things: -Idea and concept of the application/game. -Ressources like images, characters, use-cases… -Coding and technology, how you’re going to code everything in a clean way so you can easily make updates. That’s a lot […]

Best Android Browser In Speed

Best Light And Stable Browser For Android Speed

Best Android Browser In Speed Today, you can find plenty of apps in the Play Store with the same features, but each one is kind of different when it comes to how much it memory it takes and consumes. When using your smartphone or tablet to browse, you have to worry about how much data […]

Nexus 7 2012 Grouper Custom Rom

My Android Journey And How It All Started

My Android Journey This article is brought to you by The first Android device that I owned was…a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I remember that I bought it in July 2014, when I graduated from High School to the University. I still remember that day, hot summer day. I took the bus to the […]