Goodbye Dear Xperia Z

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my dear Sony Xperia Z.

Yeah…I’ve used it for 2 months or so and I had almost no problems. At least no physical issue. I dropped it many many times before and the screen never cracked (I was using a screen protector obviously).

Yesterday, I didn’t drop it. It was working normally and I was browsing Facebook. I saw a really good post and clicked on it to show the image in a large size, and nothing happened!

I tried again, nothing. I said to myself “Maybe the Facebook app is waiting” because the CPU is busy. So I tried to shutdown the phone. The touch screen didn’t let me do that. So I shut it down the other way, by pressing the On button and the Volume Up button for few seconds.

The Xperia Z restarted and…I tried to enter my pin and then the screen started playing around with the touch screen!

And there I saw it. A crack, a damn crack on the bottom of the screen! I tried to convince myself that it was the protective screen but I somehow knew that it wasn’t.

So I removed the protective screen and there it was. A horizontal crack in the bottom of the screen who went from left to the right.

I tried to ask for how much I will have it repaired and the price didn’t suit me. So now I am selling it for a damn bargain and one wants to buy it (here, people are scared to buy Xperia’s because of their sensibility, price of repair and availability of parts).

I browsed the Internet and I found that many people had their Xperia Z screen cracked without dropping it or any apparent reason.

I really loved this phone, it helped me to accomplish a lot. When I was bored in class I used to get it out of my pocket and use it for hours!

Now, I am back to a Nokia 1100! UntHomeil I found a phone that suits me well, but this time I would be looking around Samsung or LG if nothing another brand.

Goodbye Sony Xperia Z 😉

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