12 Pros And Cons Of Vernee Mix 2 Review (In Details)

vernee mix 2 review

This post is about the Vernee Mix 2 Review Including Pros And Cons.

Last month Vernee has launched their latest smartphone the Mix 2. It’s a bezel-less display with some awesome specifications and features. The utmost retail price is $219, but on Gearbest it happens to be sold at $169. Therefore the real question is, does the purchase price matches the specs? Well to learn that let’s review the Vernee Mix 2 review with benefits and drawbacks (advantages and disadvantages).
vernee mix 2 design

Below is the list of Vernee Mix 2 pros and cons which are also known as advantages and disadvantages.

Reasons to Buy Vernee Mix 2 (Pros and Advantages):

1. When you own this device for the very first time the massive 6-inch screen is the essential thing that should come to your attention. It has a resolution slightly greater than a complete HD screen, precisely 1260×1080 pixels. Within the tech world, it’s called full HD+. Anyway, it has a pixel density of 276 PPI (pixels per inch). Being truly a full vision screen it aspect ratio is 18:9 and the screen-to-body ratio of the smartphone is 93.07%.

2. The engine includes a 2.5 GHz Hello P25 SoC from MediaTek. It really is an octa-core processor which includes the capability to handle any intensive processing. You won’t experience any heating problems or lagging issues whatsoever.

Helio P25

3. Third Vernee Mix 2 advantage is the fact that it includes 4 GB of primary memory as RAM for multitasking. When booted for the very first time you will notice that there’s 2.1 GB left.

4. For gaming it is powered by a Mali T880 GPU; thus, the graphics don’t have any issues like frame drops or lags. The maximum frames speed in gaming it can run is 59.4 fps.

5. Internal memory is 64 GB for storing files and installing applications and games. It has a micro SD slot which can be expanded up to 256 GB.

6. The system of Vernee Mix 2 is usually Android Nougat. The best thing about it is the fact that the business pushes software updates through OTA to every user around the world occasionally.

Vernee mix 2 has dual camera

7. It has a fingerprint scanner. It is quick as any other brand’s fingerprint scanner.

8. It has a variety of sensors, ambient light, compass, gravity, gyroscope, proximity and accelerometer.

9. It has a battery capacity of 4200 mAh, it’s pretty much good even for a devoted user.

10. It supports fast battery charging, you could easily charge it from 0 to 100 percent in two hours.

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Vernee mix 2 battery

Reasons Not to Buy Vernee Mix 2 (Cons And Issues):

1. The first issue is the fact that it includes a shared memory card slot with SIM card. It means if you put a memory card, you will not be able to put another sim card. You will need to compromise.

2. The second issue is that it has no Corning Gorilla Glass protection, you will need to buy a protective screen and avoid dropping the phone.

My Verdict: It is a good phone for that price tag but if you want to get it for a very good price, click below.

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I hoped you liked my Vernee Mix 2 review and found it useful, you can check the Vernee Mix 2 Specifications on a table.

3 thoughts on “12 Pros And Cons Of Vernee Mix 2 Review (In Details)”

  1. vernee mix2 (glass front and glass black)
    The front and the back are both glass. I’m worried. Very afraid that it will be easily broken. Though it has big screen, it’s little useful in practical use. I’d rather using my NOMU S10 Pro. It’s super drop-proof and water-proof. And it’s still stylish and good-looking.

    1. A protective screen is required for this type of phones as this one doesn’t come with Corning Gorilla Glass Protection.

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